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At Wiese Bankruptcy we're committed to providing the highest quality legal service.  

We understand the idea of bankruptcy is often frightening. We will take the time to work with you so that you understand how bankruptcy will affect your debts and your assets, and help you to make the best decision for you and your family through personal and confidential service.
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Bankruptcy is a federal court process used to eliminate or repay consumer debts under the protection of the bankruptcy court. The purpose of bankruptcy is to give you a “fresh start,” and to that end there are generous exemptions which allow most debtors to keep all of their assets.

Bankruptcy is also designed to treat all creditors fairly. This means you must include all debts in a bankruptcy. You do not have the option to pick and choose which creditors to list, but you do have the right to voluntarily repay any creditor if you are able and choose to do so.

Attorney Wiese will manage your bankruptcy case from start to finish. When your bankruptcy is filed a trustee will be assigned to oversee your case, and you will be required to meet with that trustee once during the bankruptcy process. The trustee appointed to your case ensures you understand your rights and responsibilities during the bankruptcy, and is responsible for making any payments to your creditors required by the Bankruptcy Code.

During my 15 years of practice I have actually had a few clients tell me that my fees are too low. But there is a good reason why my rates are so much lower than firms that advertise on television:

By handling every aspect of your case personally, using a home office, relying on electronic communication, and using only free advertising, I’ve kept the costs of operating my practice far below my competitors.  I pass these savings on to you.
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